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  About Us

Ombu started about ten years ago, in Ohio, as a company specializing in event planning and management. The focus was on professional society meetings, especially conferences, seminars, and training sessions.

We looked for a name that would embody the anticipated variety of products and services the company offered. The Ombu tree, a native of South America, can grow to 50 feet and has a broad canopy extending 40 to 60 feet. This seemed like a fitting symbol for our company.

In 2004, the company moved to New Hampshire and focused on seminars in technical topics. As we continued to evolve, the seminars became more oriented to manufacturing and operational excellence.

We work with manufacturing companies to help them implement effective methods to solve problems. These problems are usually framed in terms of issues the Head of Operations faces. This can range from statistical techniques to improve manufacturing to forecast models for demand and inventory to implementing OSHA standards.

We offer seminars in New England and Eastern New York. The one day seminar, our specialty, provides focused information that allows the participants to implement the techniques. We also include Toolkits that help convert the knowledge to action.

In many cases our seminar participants uncover capacity problems implementing the solution. Ombu offers assistance, usually on a contract basis, to create an effective and cost sensitive solution.

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