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  ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management Standard that has become the norm for many companies around the globe.

If you are just starting to develop your environmental management system, we can help you plan the approach, write procedures, and implement an effective system suitable for your business. We can guide you through internal audits as well as help you plan and conduct your first management reviews.

For the mature system, Ombu can manage your Internal Quality Audit program. By outsourcing audits, you can make relieve scheduling conflicts that often cause problems. An outside auditor can bring objectivity and reduce conflict that sometimes reduces the effectiveness of the audit program.

Planning and conducting the Management Review is a burden for many companies, because the data collection, organization, and presentation tasks can consume resources. Ombu can help you conduct more efficient Management Reviews by outsourcing these activities.

Our approach is project oriented, working with you to set the scope, deliverables, and timing of the project. We can provide MS Project plans as well as regular status reports.

To discuss your projects and how we can aid in your improvements, please contact:

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