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  Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a collection of techniques designed to improve a process by reducing the nonconformance rate. The techniques have a long history in quality improvement, showing they are both effective and powerful. The techniques are based on a factual approach to problem solving and apply statistical methods to help define the process. The Six Sigma methodology organizes the techniques into a framework to help analyze the process and improve it. The traditional framework, called DMAIC, uses these steps.


You do not need a full time Six Sigma expert to reap the benefits of this powerful approach.

Ombu offers the skills and expertise to help you successfully implement a Six Sigma project. We can help you develop a process improvement team, including training, mentoring, and leadership. We can lead your team through the Six Sigma steps and help you achieve your process improvement goal.

Our approach is project oriented, working with you to set the scope, deliverables, and timing of the project. We can provide MS Project plans, structured to the Six Sigma DMAIC approach, as well as regular status reports.

To discuss your projects and how we can help you apply Six Sigma, please contact:

Dan O’Leary
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